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本文摘要:A gap of at least $40bn in financing commitments is hampering efforts to combat climate change, signatories to the Paris agreement have warned, as they try to keep the agreement going in the face of doubts over US support under President D


A gap of at least $40bn in financing commitments is hampering efforts to combat climate change, signatories to the Paris agreement have warned, as they try to keep the agreement going in the face of doubts over US support under President Donald Trump.巴黎协议签下方警告称之为,融资允诺方面最少约400亿美元的缺口正在毁坏应付气候变化的希望。在外界对唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)治下的美国否反对巴黎协议深感顾虑的背景下,各签下方之后希望前进该协议。Disputes over who will foot the bill comes as the Trump administration’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, scuppered a joint statement about climate change at a G7 energy meeting in Rome this week.在经常出现环绕谁将佢的争议之际,特朗普政府的能源部长里克?佩里(Rick Perry)本周在七国集团(G7)罗马能源会议上让关于气候变化的联合声明流产。The Paris agreement to limit global temperature rises to under 2 degrees Celsius includes financial commitments from developed countries to help developing nations deal with climate change. Before its adoption it was agreed this amount should reach $100bn a year. However, it has been estimated that only $60bn has been committed so far.力争将全球加剧幅度容许在2摄氏度以下的巴黎协议中还包括发达国家协助发展中国家应付气候变化的财务允诺。

在协议通过前,各方一致同意这一援助金额不应超过每年1000亿美元。然而,据估计目前为止援助允诺只超过了600亿美元。Climate ministers from Europe, India, Brazil and South Africa have gone to Beijing in recent weeks, hoping to sustain momentum from the Paris talks despite the Trump administration’s dismantling of US regulations meant to limit American emissions. But discussions have quickly run up against the issue of financing.欧洲、印度、巴西和南非的气候部长们最近几周前往北京,期望保持巴黎谈判的势头,尽管特朗普政府废止了目的容许美国废气的法规。


但谈判迅速遇上资金问题。“Developed countries have not met their commitments. In their reports a lot of their commitment is in the form of development aid. That doesn’t meet the commitment to contribute to new funds,” China’s top climate change negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, told a briefing on Tuesday. “A lot of countries don’t want to chip in. I said to the European minister: that’s your problem as developed countries. It’s your responsibility to work together and sort it out.”中国首席气候谈判代表解振华周二在记者招待会上回应:“发达国家没还清允诺。在他们所报告的资金总量中有很多是发展援助资金,不合乎《(联合国气候变化框架)公约》新的额外资金的原则拒绝。

有些国家有可能不不愿出有这个钱了。这件事我和欧盟气候专员交换意见时谈了,这件任务是发达国家的。发达国家内部要很好地协商,要还清这个允诺。”Mr Xie’s meeting with Miguel Arias Ca?ete, the European commissioner for climate action and energy, in Beijing two weeks ago involved “uncharted waters” regarding “differences in approaches to climate financing”, Mr Ca?ete told the FT in an interview after their meeting.两周前,欧盟气候行动与能源专员米格尔?阿里亚斯?卡涅特(Miguel Arias Ca?ete)在北京与解振华举办了会谈。

卡涅特会后在拒绝接受英国《金融时报》专访时回应,会谈谈及了关于“气候融资方式差异”的“不得而知水域”。“We are seeing there is a country, the largest in the world, that has announced policies that means they will never reach their targets,” he said, referring to the US. “Now that the US will not play the role [of a major partner] we are obliged to intensify our efforts to develop the Paris agreement.”他说道:“我们看见,世界上仅次于的国家宣告了意味著他们将总有一天会实现目标的政策。


”他这里所指的是美国。“既然美国不扮演着(主要合作伙伴的)角色,那我们被迫增大希望实施巴黎协议。”Beijing has aligned itself with developing countries and does not count among contributors to the intended $100bn, although it has established a separate, $3.1bn “south-south co-operation fund”.中国毕竟归属于发展中国家,因此不必为1000亿美元援助允诺出资,尽管它另外成立了31亿美元的“南南合作基金”。

It views spending on infrastructure in developing countries as benefiting its own prowess in dam construction or wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing. Mr Xie said the scale of investment in equipment and infrastructure investment needed by 2030 would translate into “job opportunities”.中国指出,投资发展中国家的基础设施不会让中国在大坝建设或风力涡轮机和太阳能面板生产方面的技能获益。解振华回应,到2030年所需的设备投资规模和基础设施投资将带给“就业机会”。Meanwhile, red tape prevents funds that have been committed from flowing to developing counties, said Ravi Prasad, India’s minister for environment, forest and climate change, calling the $60bn in commitments “highly suspicious” since the sum included previously allocated funds including aid. “When we go behind the numbers we find there has been a reclassification of the bilateral flows,” Mr Prasad said.与此同时,印度环境、森林和气候变化部长拉维?普拉萨德(Ravi Prasad)回应,申请繁复让允诺的资金很难流向发展中国家,他指出已允诺的600亿美元“十分怀疑”,因为该数字还包括先前已拨的资金,还包括援助资金。

普拉萨德回应:“当我们研究这些数字时,我们找到其中还包括被新的分类的双边流动资金。”Mr Xie said: “Enthusiasm isn’t the problem but there are some doubts. I believe other countries feel the same.”解振华回应:“大家现在对气候变化进程的热情并没减半,但是都有一些顾虑。





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